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Among Impostor

About Among Impostor


Among Impostor is a multiplayer escape .io game. Your goal is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map.

And if you play as Impostors, your goal is to sabotage the mission by killing the Crewmates covertly.

Do you want to transform a spy or a detective? In this game, you participate in a match where there are from four to ten players. Each player has his own private role in this game. The player may be a "Crewmate" and "Imposter". Cooperating with chosen crewmates, you have to identify imposters and eliminate them. Among Impostor is essentially a survival game in which all impostors are to be voted away. Then, all tasks of crewmates are finished. Unlike Crewmate, the Imposter must destroy the crewmates to avoid them from doing their tasks to win. As a result, being an imponent is enjoyable for all the players since you need to cheat and kill your rivals.

If a player from either side stops the match, the game will also end. Surveillance devices are available for cremates to detect the impostors on any map, such as the security cameras in The Skeld, a critical Polus indicator, and a door log in the MIRA HQ. Crewmates will also prove their identities through visual activities that impostors cannot fake. A live player may also organize a community meeting by announcing a dead body or clicking the emergency meeting button.

A statistics on this game: 57% of matches finish with the Impostor win, according to developers. The crew manages to survive in just 43% of the events. This supports the players' view that Impostor is more lucrative. There is a top imposter leaderboard. If you are interested in Imposter's role, follow this record.

To gain the greater profit, become a single impostor. If you want the squad to compete, be more fun with Crewmate.

Features of Among Impostor

  • Thrilling online game for 4-10 players
  • Simple but attractive gameplay
  • Mechanics in suspense
  • A casual way to have fun with other players. You can invite your friends or relatives to create great moments together.
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animations
  • Leaderboard with admirable records

Tips to play game

  • Standing near vents or corners for no reason
  • Going far away from tasks
  • No saying their working tasks
  • Find reasons for not completing missions
  • Staying alone or in rooms where there aren't many tasks

These signals can only appear in amateurs, but you can use these tips to play the game more easily.

How to play

  • Use the scroll directional pad or the touch/point and click modeto move
  • Have the option to call out if you suspect an impostor among the group and converse with others

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