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SquidGame IO is the newest game inspired by a Netflix horror story, which fits in well with the IO game's activity because, as you can see, the IO game's entire activity is closely linked to the characters in Squid Game.

In the realm of IO games, there is a game called Squid Game.

For a novice, it's important to understand that any IO game moves at a quick pace; you'll start off as the smallest and weakest player, and depending on how fast and skilled you are, you'll have to develop and evolve to get bigger and bigger and destroy them. the game's other participants Once you've grown large enough, you may chase down other players and devour them, but you'll have to be cautious of the opponent in front of you, since you'll need to be larger than him to eat him.
If you can eat it, you'll get more bonus points, which will help you grow bigger and bigger. Depending on how much money you have in the game, you may improve your superhero, paint him differently, and purchase him new clothing. To earn more money, you must gather the colored balls that are scattered around the game and try to destroy as many opponents as possible.  


How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game

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