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Fall Race Season 2

About Fall Race Season 2


In Fall Race season 2, you better stretch your legs because we'll be running the men's track! They are trying to stop you but running is winning and now it's time to run! Do you have what it takes to be the first to finish?

Put on your running shoes and take a deep breath. The race will begin. Grab a spot on the starting line and unleash your inner Usain Bolt. Did you see the big crowd? In fact, they are competing in the race. However, in the end there will be only one winner. The winner of this contest will have eternal glory. But the question is can you win this contest? Your goal is to cross the finish line first and win the race. To run, use the arrow keys or the WASD key. There will be 30 people starting the marathon. However, only one group managed to cross the finish line before the others could continue their ride and compete in future events. You can see how many people can get to the next level in the top right corner of the screen. In each competition, you will be taken to a different location with different obstacles. You must overcome these obstacles to become the winner. Win each race to earn gems and buy new skins with these gems. Good luck! 

Feature :

  • Many different places
  • Different skins to unlock
  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

  • Up arrow or W : up
  • Down arrow or S : back
  • Left arrow or A : turn left
  • Right arrow or D : turn right
  • Space : jump 

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