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Get on Top

About Get on Top


Get on Top organizes a wrestling match between stickmen. Here, you will control one of the two warriors and knock down the other opponent. Good luck!

The game is designed with fairly simple graphics. Stickmen also have no eyes or mouths. When they hit their head on the ground, their head will be injured. Therefore, you need to knock out the opponent by making their head hit the ground. Of course, you need to protect your character's head. Therefore, always be on top of the enemy. Otherwise, the person in danger is you.

Game control

  • Player 1: use WASD to move the character
  • Player 2: use arrow keys to move the character.

Join this intense wrestling match

You will probably see the stickmen's moves like professional wrestlers. You must always move so that your character is above to ensure his safety.

Be on top

If you're lying on the ground, it's easier to hit your head on the ground. You will also lose faster. Therefore, you need to keep the stickman character above the opponent at all costs. Right at the beginning of the game, you need to immediately take the initiative to knock the opponent to the floor.

Protect the head

This will be quite difficult when each warrior's head is very vulnerable. Therefore, protecting your head is very important, you need to avoid direct head-on collisions on the ground. You can take advantage of this to knock down opponents.

Experience two game modes

This game is divided into two modes and they all have the same background and gameplay. However, why are they divided into 3 modes? We will find out together below.

1 player mode

In this game, you will fight with NPCs. Don't look down on the NPC because it also has amazing powers. If you're just playing for the first time, you'll probably lose. So, you need to stay calm and hone your skills slowly.

2 player modes

Unlike 1 player mode, this mode is for two players. You and your friend will become each other's opponents. Two people need to fight against each other. We also want to introduce you to a lot of 2 player games. You can try them out. I hope you will always win.

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