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Banana Game

About Banana Game


Banana Game is an extremely attractive idle game. You just need to create a large number of large bananas to upgrade the game space to become more bustling.

There are many things that you can explore in this game. To discover it all, you will have to make an effort to click on the banana on the screen. The faster and more evenly you click the banana, the more bananas you will get. Use the number of bananas you click to unlock the items on the right side of the screen.

The items are arranged from top to bottom, the highest item is the item that you will easily get. The further you scroll down, the more interesting items you will see, but to get these items you will have to click more persistently. The highlight when you unlock these items is that they will help you click automatically, which creates idle for you. If your hands are tired, stop for a moment, the automatic clicking machine will still help you click bananas regularly. Now you just need to enter and continue to unlock the next items. Too simple!

Outstanding features in the game

In addition to the leisure that the game brings to players, the graphics in the game are also a feature that retains users. Overall, when you start the game you will see nothing too outstanding, but when you create a large number of bananas you will see a change in the arrangement and design of extremely beautiful items. Each item has its own characteristics, which stimulates the player's curiosity about the next items, making the game more engaging than ever!

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