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About Among Rampage


The spacecraft in Among Rampage is dark and full of terrors. You were promised a pleasant journey to Space to discover what lies above and beyond the Earth. It turns out that you were duped by an imposter who was actually a murderer in disguise. They were with us all along, but now it's just you and the impostor. How long do you think you can live on this spaceship filled with obstacles straight out of a nightmare?

From rockets to lasers, there are all sorts of traps here that could kill an entire spaceship, if they weren't all gone. No one dies with you. You are the only one left, and the impostor is not satisfied. To make you meet other passengers, the impostor has built a series of dangerous obstacles. Your goal is to defeat the cunning creature and survive as long as you can. To play, you can use the mouse or arrow keys. Use the mini rocket you've found to fly when there's a laser that can tear you to pieces or the missile will destroy you without leaving a trace. There are also some items hidden in the spaceship. pillar. Try to collect all the faker's gold while you're on the run and unlock new skins. Don't forget to collect more magnets and lives! Good luck!

Feature :

  • An endless level
  • Fun and engaging gameplay
  • Unlockable cool skins
  • Nice 2D graphics

How to play

You can use your mous or arrow keys to play this game

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