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Among Us

About Among Us


Among Us is a game organized as multiplayer, with a maximum of ten players. Whether you are the villain or the main character, complete your mission.

Each player has his or her role in this game. Players can be "Crew" or "Imposters", no one will be chosen until you join the game to know which side you are on. Cooperating with chosen crewmates, you have to identify impostors and eliminate them. Then, all the tasks of the crewmates are finished. Unlike Crewmate, the Impostor must destroy the crewmates to prevent them from doing their tasks to win. Thus, being an impostor is enjoyable for all the players as your mission is to cheat and kill the crewmate.

Go through the gameplay

The game will end if any player stops the match. Surveillance devices can be used on any maps such as in The Skeld, a critical Polus indicator, and a door log in the MIRA HQ. Then, crewmates can detect the impostors with these devices. If an astronaut is suspected, he can prove his identity by performing a common action. Of course, this action cannot be faked by the impostor. If a dead body is reported, the player can call a meeting by pressing the emergency meeting button.

Statistics on this game

57% of matches finish with the Impostor win, according to developers. The crew manages to survive in just 43% of the events. This supports the players' view that Impostor is more lucrative. There is a top impostor leaderboard. If you are interested in Impostor's role, follow this record. To gain the greater profit, become a single impostor. If you want the squad to compete, be more fun with Crewmate.

How to win in Among Us

When participating in the game, gamers will be divided into 2 groups: Crewmates and Impostors. Each group will have its role, tasks, and goals that need to be completed to win. Next, I will introduce the missions and ways to win for each role in this game.


Crewmates are also known as astronauts on a spacecraft in outer space. The number of Crewmates is always greater than the number of Impostors, but they are quite friendly and cannot attack others. In this game, crewmates are assigned different jobs such as cleaning, taking out the trash, connecting electrical wires, etc. They need to complete these tasks within the time allowed to avoid losing. In addition, they also need to pay attention to the behavior of the players around them because the people around them can be an impostor. When the crewmates receive notice that there is an impostor on the ship, the whole group will participate in a debate to vote to decide who will be kicked off the spacecraft. Because crewmates have to move around to complete their missions, they are easily assassinated by impostors. At this time, they will become ghosts and help the surviving crewmates.


The task of an impostor is considered more difficult than that of a crewmate because it requires skill and intelligence to remain undetected. The impostors' sole goal is to kill the crewmates on the spaceship. However, impostors need to ensure they are not detected when assassinating crewmates. In addition, impostors can also destroy systems, wires, etc on the ship to create an opportunity to reach the crewmates. Even though the impostor doesn't need to do simple tasks like a crewmate, pretend that you're also doing tasks like a crewmate. The impostor group will win when the number of impostors is equal to the number of crewmates. Additionally, if the oxygen system is destroyed and the crewmates cannot fix it in time, the impostors will also win.

Tips to conquer Among Us

Each role in this game has its tips to win. Therefore, I will give tips for the two main roles: crewmate and impostor.

What you should do if you are a crewmate

Because the number of crewmates is quite large, teamwork is encouraged. Crewmates can travel together to avoid being assassinated by the impostor. In addition, crewmates can also monitor other players if they travel together. Security cameras are a necessary device to track suspects. Be firm with those you suspect because they may be impostors. Don't trust anyone, anyone can be an Impostor.

What you should do if you are an impostor

Don't express yourself or defend yourself too much when no one suspects you because you may attract the attention of other players. Pretending like you're new will help you win more easily. It's better to avoid assassinations when traveling in groups. An assassin will become more dangerous when he assassinates a crewmate without leaving any trace. Pretend you are innocent to avoid suspicion from others. Do not use the vent for repeated movements. The impostor's privilege is to be able to move quickly from one location to another using the vents. However, it would be troublesome if others saw you entering the vents. Besides destroying the crewmates, sabotaging the ship is still the impostor's mission. Cleverly set up traps to bring prey into the trap!

How to play

In this game, you need to use the scroll directional pad or the touch/point and click mode to move. Have the option to call out if you suspect an impostor among the group and converse with others. Overall, Everyone can join the game with friends to see who will not be fooled and has the most stable mentality. Create rooms in the game and invite your friends to join the game too. You can freely enjoy playing the game on our web browser as it is free. Stop the cluttered thoughts and what is stressing you out to join this highly entertaining game right now!

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