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A Difficult Game About Climbing

About A Difficult Game About Climbing


A Difficult Game About Climbing is a climbing game that takes you to the highest peaks. Conquer this journey based on the strong movement of your hands.

The game takes you to a new space when the player is a young man with paralyzed legs. Now he can only climb mountains with his strong hands to explore the highest peak. Depending on whether your hands can easily lift the weight of the whole body or not, join the game to find out now!

Rules of movement when climbing mountains

In this game you need to know the rules of movement to avoid falling. The two pairs of hands have a very strong grip, so you often control each hand to move in an upward direction. With just one arm clinging tightly to the cliff, you can weigh a large and strong body. The two arms will take turns clinging to the cliffs to move forward. Don't leave your hands empty because you will fall down immediately. When you fall, quickly regain your balance so you don't fall too deep. Train your climbing hands regularly to conquer the highest peak in this game.

Control keys

Please use the mouse to move

Right click to hold the right hand

Left click to hold the left hand

Challenging game

The game not only helps you practice your climbing skills, but the game also challenges you to overcome many obstacles during the climbing process. When you climb to a certain height, you will see that obstacles begin to become more visible, such as cliffs with no grip points or you will have to use the elasticity of your hands to move from mountain to mountain. other mountains. Every moment you spend in the game is thrilling and dramatic, don't let the height of the mountains scare you.

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