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Among Robots

About Among Robots


Among Robots is what you need in your free time. Your mission is to overcome many obstacles and reach the exit gate. Collect the key tokens along your way.

A new online adventure comes on our web for free. The game is based on Among Us theme and you can experience a cute robot character. The game offers many levels for you to challenge your skills. The higher level you are, the more difficulties you face. 

How to play

To reach the destination, you have to face many obstacles, and enemies on the way. Let's use the up arrow to jump and double to jump higher. To move backwards or forward, you press the right and left arrows. Jump over all deadly traps and collect all key tokens on the way. The key tokens will help you unlock the exit door and advance the level. 

When playing the game, you have five lives. You will lose one life if you hit the enemy. Moreover, you must restart the level when colliding the thrones. 

Tips and tricks

  • You need to collect enough all key tokens to unlock the final gate
  • Dodge or jump over all enemies along the way


  • Adorable graphics
  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Suitable for all ages

How to control

  • Right and left arrows to move
  • Up arrow to jump and double to jump higher

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