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Among Us Jumper

About Among Us Jumper


Among Us Jumper is an arcade game where you are Among Us character. You have to avoid the enemies and obstacles to escape from the terrible cave. 

Are you familiar with the Among Us characters? Among Us Jumper will turn you into an Among Us character. In this game, you have to escape from the enemies. How do you escape from them? Try your best to jump over as many platforms as possible. There are many enemies, and spikes on some platforms. If you touch on them, your character will die and the game ends. The more platforms you get, the more score you gain. Try your best to get the highest score. On your way, collecting the shields and jumpers is useful for you. You can attack the enemies with the bombs. Your character always moves, and you should choose a suitable position to jump on. 

Why don’t you click on the game to have a great experience and have fun? The game is suitable for kids and children. 

Features of Among Us Jumper

  • Avoid the obstacles and enemies
  • Fun and exciting game
  • You can choose a character and level 

How to control

  • Click the mouse to jump over

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