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Bazooka Boy Online

About Bazooka Boy Online


Bazooka Boy Online is an attractive shooting action game in which you have to aim and shoot to eliminate all opponents to complete a level using a gun.

Use your gun to exterminate all enemies! In this game, you are responsible for aiming by holding and pressing the mouse's left button. Then, release it to shoot. Aiming successfully is when your opponents are killed by your bullets. It’s quite challenging to complete this goal because your bullets will not move in a straight line. You need to adjust the angle to perform a great shoot. 

This action has various levels with different maps and a number of enemies. You can blast their buildings to eliminate many rivals at the same time or you also can shoot opponents one by one. However, you need to pay attention to the number of bullets. You have limited bullets for each level. Keep an eye on this feature!

Features of Bazooka Boy Online

  • The thrilling and fascinating shooting game
  • Various levels with different challenges 
  • Limited bullets for each level

How to control

  • Hold and press your mouse left button to aim
  • Release it to shoot

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