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Bob The Robber 2

About Bob The Robber 2


Bob the Robber 2 takes you on an unexpected trip! Clearly, whomever claimed all robbers are evil hasn't met Bob. The city is in peril, and it appears that all of the other heroes are preoccupied with other matters. This time, it's up to Bob to straighten things out. In this sneaky stealing adventure, assist the local thief in saving the city! It's time for some cloak and dagger action!

It's not every day that a robber saves a city, but nothing is usual in Bob's line of business. He's delighted to put his kleptomaniac inclinations to good use, and he can pull off any criminal caper with your aid. Prepare to be taken on a tour of the city like you've never seen it before. There are ten different levels in Bob the Robber 2, each featuring security cameras, guards, trap doors, and more! Every level has a goal that must be met in order for the level to be completed. This usually involves taking a certain object without being discovered. Locked doors, roving guards, and security cameras will impede your way to the level's goal. You can unlock the doors using your lock pick. It's a little more difficult to get past the patrolling guards. Hide in the shadows until you get a chance to sneak up behind a passing guard and knock him unconscious. Security cameras provide their own set of difficulties. Each one has a blind spot directly beneath the pivot point of the camera. You may avoid being spotted by standing exactly in these blind areas and without moving. There are shadows in the rooms with surveillance cameras that you can blend into. After you've passed the cameras, you'll face a new hurdle in the shape of electronic doors. To open these, you'll have to destroy the circuit board. Fortunately, you may uncover more devices inside the levels or use the cash you've found concealed in each level to purchase new gadgets from the shop. Your ability to carry off this robbery will determine the fate of the city! Can you keep an eye on Bob to make sure he doesn't get caught? 

Feature : 

  • Platform puzzler stealth gameplay
  • Collect useful gadgets
  • Overcome different enemies and obstacles

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play the game. Use the space bar to hit the guards

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