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Bob The Robber 3

About Bob The Robber 3


Being a successful burglar typically attracts the worst kind of attention, but that isn't the case with Bob the Robber 3's neighborhood criminal! With this third part, the narrative continues with Bob embarking on a new journey. His abilities have attracted the attention of a military intelligence outfit, which has offered him a job. Now he must accomplish a massive robbery unlike any other! As you go through the levels, don your mask and assist him in unraveling the secrets of the top-secret base!

Bob is prepared to confront whatever a top-secret military installation has in store for unscrupulous visitors! As you strive to access the vault, your goal is to find all of the secret documents concealed in each level. Security cameras, strong guards, and a slew of technical barriers would be insufficient to keep attackers out of a top-secret location. This robbery will be difficult, but Bob is determined to succeed. It's possible to deceive security cameras! What they can't see, they can't catch! Hide in the shadows and remain still until you can rush to safety! When you merge with the darkness, no one can see you. The guards' black bags under their eyes and slow motions reveal the place's poor working conditions. Wait till the proper moment comes to knock them out. But be cautious! Even though they look asleep, the guards are still large, powerful men who will not let you go if they catch you. Locked doors are another sort of stumbling block you must overcome. Most locks can be picked open using Bob's trusty lock pick, but certain electronic doors may require a different technique. To crack through some doors and solve a variety of new challenges, you'll need to unlock various devices. We hope you still have some empty pockets on your utility belt!

Feature :

  • Platformer gameplay with stealth elements
  • Lots of different puzzles to solve
  • 10 new levels to complete
  • Defeat a range of enemies

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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