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Bob the Robber 4

About Bob the Robber 4


Our neighborhood thief has gone global in his fourth adventure, Bob the Robber 4 Season 1! Paris is a beautiful place to visit, but it also provides excellent business prospects for a devoted burglar. A few missing art elements would go unnoticed! They shouldn't have put those art pieces on exhibit if they didn't want them taken, right? Bob is on hand to pick any lock, and no safe can withstand his dexterous fingertips!

Bob likes seeing the tourist attractions in Paris, but he is much more fascinated by the items kept safe in robust safe-boxes. In Bob the Robber 4, your goal is to gather the valuables concealed at the end of each level while solving riddles, dodging surveillance cameras, and remaining hidden from the security guards. There are 15 stages in the game, each with unique patterns, riddles, and riches. Along with the primary treasure, each level has hidden cash. Bob is an excellent burglar with a keen eye for hidden treasure. As you pass through the various rooms, keep a close eye on what's going on. Bob will alert you if there is a heap of cash that has been unsuccessfully hidden. Leaving such easily available cash behind is a breach of "Bob's Guide to Thieveryfirst "'s rule! To get the most stars in the end, try to discover all of the hidden money in each level. But be cautious! Both security cameras and real guards are on duty at the museum! Bob's vacation will come to an abrupt end if he is detected. Fortunately, there are shadows to hide in till things quiet down. Find a patch of shadows to hide in while you're in the same room as a guard or a surveillance camera. The guards will be unable to see you if you remain still. Wait for the best opportunity to leap out and knock them out! Prod each lock with your lock pick until it pops open!

Feature : 

  • Many entertaining levels
  • Challenging puzzles to solve
  • Platformer gameplay with stealth elements
  • Nice graphics

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play this game

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