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Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure

About Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure


You'll discover out if the nice burglar Bob made the correct decision when he changed his profession in Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure. Modern structures may have living residents and security guards, but old temples, right? You'd assume the only people he'd run into would be reduced to bones and ash. Surely, a few dusty artifacts and a few jewels or gold nuggets will not be missed by the deceased. All of this may have crossed Bob's thoughts when he discovered a map in one of the houses he was stealing. As a passionate treasure hunter, join him in his fifth expedition as he attempts to claim the treasures of the old temple.

There are ten levels in Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure, each with a unique design and tough riddles to accomplish. Your goal as an eager rookie treasure hunter is to complete each level by avoiding the harmful obstacles. Bob was a slacker in class and didn't pay attention in "Danger of the Ancient Temples." The old temple, unfortunately for him, is riddled with traps and ghostly guards! Bob, on the other hand, will not be intimidated by these. He's a natural at being deceitful. Use the arrow keys to go through each level. To dodge your adversaries, you can hide in the darkness. Mummies, witch doctors, and mercenaries are just a handful of the temple's unsavory inhabitants. Wait for the ideal moment to knock them out. The old temple appears to have a form of mysterious security camera and passcode-enabled doors that you must navigate. Bob knows when he's near a buried treasure since he's a burglar. Each level has hidden gold coins. When you get close to one, Bob will say something about it, and you may collect it by using the UP arrow key. There are a lot of riddles to figure out. Some traps need you to disable specific gadgets, and you'll need to figure out the passcodes to open some doors. Nothing should stand in the way of the riches!


  • A new temple to explore
  • Unique enemies
  • Appealing 2D platformer graphics
  • 10 challenging levels

How to play

Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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