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Help Imposter Escape

About Help Imposter Escape


Help Imposter Escape is an interesting game which is inspired by Among Us series. In this game, you will help the imposter go to the portal to escape.

It's time to test your control skills, and Help Imposter Escape is the game to suit your requirements. It is a brand new adventure game with puzzle elements. When playing the game, you not only have to run and jump over the obstacles but also do it properly. If you make a small mistake, you will also fall off the axis or hit deadly dumps.

To be able to help the impostor escape, use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use the spacebar to jump. To be able to pass the levels, you must go through the portal at the end of each level to teleport to another level. It is your main goal to be able to pass all fifty levels with thousands of difficulties. Try to complete the level with 3 stars for each level. The number of stars you have will help you unlock more new characters. One more thing, make sure you collect all the coins along the way.

On the way, avoid spikes, any other kind of traps and dangers, and don't fall between platforms and into the abyss. All of these things cause your character to die and force you to start all over again. This is the basic premise of the game, and now you know how to play it. Are you ready for the rescue?

The game is designed with simple graphics, so you can play the game on any platform (computer or smartphone). Click on the game to have a great experience.

Features of this game

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Collect coins and get stars after a level
  • Avoid all obstacles and jump from one platform to another platform.

How to control

  • Use the arrow key or WASD for moving. Use the spacebar for jumping. Use the joystick in the mobile version.

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