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Human Wheel

About Human Wheel


With your buddies, roll the Human Wheel! Here is a fun assignment for you. You must roll around to get through the platform. But there is one drawback. You can't just roll about on your own. Can you gather enough pals to finish the platform?

A humorous gameplay mechanic is introduced in this 3D platformer game. Over the course of several levels, the primary objective is to get through the platform and the challenges it provides. What sets this game apart from others is how the characters move. You must assemble buddies from all across the platform to create a massive human wheel. You will lose members of the wheel if you run into obstructions like walls and gaps or when you crash against them. Your overall wheel population will ultimately decide how many coins you win. To start out on the site with more users or to boost the worth of your gold coins, you may spend your money on bonuses. See how far you can make it in this creative and exciting platformer game!


  • 3D graphics
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Upgradeable number of people and income

How to play

Drag the cursor to move the characters and get the collectibles.

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