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Hungry Shark Arena

About Hungry Shark Arena


Prepare to hunt and go wild in the water in Hungry Shark Arena! Because in this game, you are a hungry shark with a plethora of animals vying for your attention! Are you prepared to hunt and nurture your shark until it becomes the ocean's most powerful predator? Best wishes for you!

Do you aware that sharks have no bones? It's a fascinating truth about them. But, of course, they have razor-sharp teeth! And now you're in charge of one of them in this game! You have adversaries since it is an online multiplayer game! But don't worry, your shark will increase in size as you hunt! If you're ready to go hunting, let's get started by hitting the play button and waiting for the other players to join us! The goal of this game is to devour everything that comes your way and be the last one standing, but keep in mind that there are 20 other players in the arena! At initially, you'll be able to eat just little fish, but as you grow, you'll be able to devour many larger creatures, even your opponents. You must also avoid obstructions that may cause you to become momentarily blind. With the coins you earn, you may buy more sharks. You may also play the game with your friends, so be sure to invite them! Best wishes!

Feature :

  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Online multiplayer game
  • 12 sharks to unlock
  • Entertaining gameplay

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game

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