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Idle Arks: Sail And Build

About Idle Arks: Sail And Build


It's time to labor like Noah and construct and sail a ship in Idle Arks: Sail and Build! But first, you'll need a lot of wood as a starting point! You have a lot on your plate, but don't stress! Along the way, you'll meet as many people as possible who can assist you! Let's have a look around the game together and discover where your ark will take you!

Your mission is to construct wooden ships, sail them to various destinations, and save lives. Following the completion of the ship construction phase, the in-game map displays a variety of places to visit. Wood, planks, and chests are used for much of the construction work, which may be collected from a source in the ship's midsection. From the source, there is an endless supply of wood. Your team will gather wood close to the source. The idle feature in this game allows you to automatically collect wood. You must, however, use the buildings list menu or click on light orbs to instruct crew members on how to build the ship. Even while you are not playing, the game continues to manufacture wood, but only for 2 hours. In the third chapter, you'll construct an Egypt-themed golden ship, replete with a tomb and alter. Building a ship is straightforward in the first chapter, but as you go, you'll have to build increasingly complex ships with many decks or "floors," walls, torches, rudders, and paddles, among other things! Have fun!


  • Intuitive controls
  • 3D pixelated graphics
  • Interesting gameplay in its genre
  • Multiple tasks to accomplish

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game.

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