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Impostor Killer

About Impostor Killer


Impostor Killer is an online action game that we selected carefully on our web. You have to face many dangerous enemies, and use your weapon to kill them.

You want to test your reflexes with a game! Impostor Killer is for you. Can you survive this crime-filled adventure? Can you move around the nooks and crannies without getting caught? This game is inspired by the critically acclaimed Among Us series. In the game, you have to take on the role of an astronaut. Your mission is to break in to destroy each other crew members of the spaceship.

Put on your spacesuit and hold onto your knife. Always make sure you are in a state of combat readiness. Also, be sure to watch every nook and cranny of the spaceship. To complete the mission you have to hide from the enemy's sight to avoid getting caught and your mission will fail. Move as stealthily as possible, without making any noise. Try not to take a single wrong step and avoid being found guilty of any wrongdoing! 

Kill each of your opponents mercilessly and avoid visual contact with your opponents at all times. With simple gameplay and friendly graphics, you can play the game anywhere, anytime. The game offers many levels and the difficulty will increase as you pass the next level.

In addition, this game is playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhones, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and Android systems.

Tips to play this game

  • Alaway attacks enemies from behind
  • Make strategies carefully before killing an enemy 
  • Observe and remember the enemies’ movement rule to have a chance to kill them

How to control

  • Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to attack, or use touch controls

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