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Jump Dunk

About Jump Dunk


You'll be jumping a lot in Jump Dunk, so put on your finest athletic footwear! In this game, two of the most entertaining pastimes come together. Jumping on trampolines and slam dunk basketball... Check your ability to manage this dual fun!

You will basically be jumping on different trampolines in this entertaining skill game. You must make every effort to locate the proper height to toss the basketballs since the trampolines' inherent leaping action may sometimes make things challenging. Your primary objective is to slam the ball into the buckets that are visible to your opponents. There could be more than one bucket to toss the ball into and more than one trampoline to bounce on at a level. At each level, the placement of these buckets may change; in certain cases, the buckets may even move. Simply wait until the right time to click on the screen, then aim carefully for the buckets. See if you can complete each level of this slam game quicker than your rival! 


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Multiple levels
  • Unique systems at each level
  • Level skipping available with rewarded ads

How to play

Click on the screen at the right moment to throw the balls.

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