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Slope Run

About Slope Run


Slope Run is an interesting game in which the ball will discover a new planet in the galaxy. Control the ball jump from one platform to another platform.

Let's explore the universe with a ball. There are many gaps on the way; press up the arrow to jump over them. Use the right or left arrow to move the ball from left to right and vice versa. Before jumping, you should observe the distance between the platforms to make reasonable jumps. You can change to other sides to find the best way to roll.

There are two modes in this game: level mode and infinite mode. In level mode, your primary mission is to reach the destination to advance the level. The higher the level, the more complex the level. You can unlock some branches when you pass certain levels. You can discover many new features in each branch. If you don't want to open the levels one by one, the infinite mode is for you. You will enter an endless road which has many different problems. The further the ball rolls, the higher points you get. You can see your rank and the top players in the leaderboard for infinite mode.

Why don't you click on the game and experience a relaxing time?

Features of Slope Run

  • Many interesting branches
  • Estimate the distance between the platforms
  • Use the keyboard to control the ball.

How to control

  • Up arrow for jump
  • Right or left to steer the ball

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