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About Snake


Coming to the entertaining game Snake, you will enjoy an interesting puzzle space. Start controlling your block to become the most dangerous snake.

Colorful entertaining game

The game is designed on a large and colorful arena. Each square with the same number will correspond to a color. All are moving and creating a more colorful and bustling play space than ever before. You will see the color and size of the squares change as your score continuously increases.

How to make jigsaw puzzles

To be able to combine the largest numbers, you need to firmly grasp the rules of jigsaw puzzles in the game. You control the square to collect all other squares, they will automatically arrange from high number to low number. Then you continue to collect all the squares you see, they will automatically match the same numbers and arrange them from high to low. After arranging it you will see it looks like a snake with a big head.

Game Rankings

The game will update the rankings continuously, the snake with the highest score will be at the top of the rankings. From the ranking table, you will know how many opponents you have with scores greater and lesser than you to come up with the most effective snake-hunting strategies.

The game allows you to attack snakes with smaller scores. Collecting snakes with fewer points will help you increase your score significantly. But don't forget to avoid snakes with higher scores because they will target you and chase you.

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