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About Splitty Adventures


The battle for survival is never-ending in a microscopic world that is invisible to the human eye. Assist the spores in reaching the burning blossoms while avoiding the hands of scary predators. If you've ever played the game "physics," you should be able to figure out the basic concept of this problem within the first few minutes. Tap to divide the spores and exploit the ricochet to reach objects that are out of reach. Because the game Splitty Adventures demands dexterity to progress, you may turn off the timer to play in basic mode. Ropes, bricks, and other obstacles will gradually surface on the playing area, adding to the fun of solving physical puzzles. In a nutshell, lovers of free online physics games will like this problem.

How to play

To split Splitty, simply press the spacebar, and attempt to stay alive long enough to collect all of the fire!

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