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Squid Challenge Honeycomb

About Squid Challenge Honeycomb


Participate in this difficult game to see how long you can last in Squid Challenge Honeycomb! It's possible that they will seem like typical candy that you can consume. However, despite their sugary, delicious appearance, these sweets do not live up to their name. When your life is on the line and the only thing you have left to cling to is one of these sweets, it's possible that your mindset may shift. Are you willing to cut out some basic forms from a honeycomb candy in order to avoid certain death?

You are tasked with making what seems to be a straightforward sketching exercise using honeycomb candy, just like you did in the fantastic series. When it comes to scratching these forms for your life without breaking them, things may not go as smoothly as they seem to when you first look at them. They might look like a piece of cake. The process of moving the pin such that it is contained inside the boundaries of these simple forms takes just a few seconds. You will be eliminated from the competition if you are unable to draw those forms while paying close attention to staying inside the lines. However, if you make a mistake in this game, you won't automatically be eliminated from consideration. You are free to begin with whichever of the five characters is your personal choice. Make it your goal to get as far as possible through the stages with that character. If you are unable to complete the mission, then that particular character will be removed, and you will be required to choose a new character. This indicates that you will need to restart the game again and try your hand at completing all of the levels, starting with the very first one, from scratch. However, if you are able to complete the first four levels, you will be given increasingly difficult shapes to draw in the following levels. Therefore, muster up the bravery to take these sweets into your hands in order to make it through this obstacle course. 


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Intuitive skills
  • Addictive levels
  • Five different characters that you love

How to play

You will need to use your mouse to scratch the candy and create lines on it.

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