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Dino: Merge and Fight

About Dino: Merge and Fight


Dino: Merge and Fight takes you back to prehistoric times where you can see many different dinosaurs. You lead the dinosaur army to destroy the other dinosaurs.

Join the battle of the dinosaurs

Instead of fighting like a human warrior, you will be the leader of a group of dinosaurs. In prehistoric times, territorial avoidance was common among dinosaurs. You need to merge dinosaurs together to create the most powerful dinosaur army. However, you also need seashells to train more dinosaurs.

Win against your enemies in Dino: Merge and Fight

You can see that the enemy team will be marked in red and your team in blue. This fierce battle is divided into different levels. You just need to kill all the enemies, you will pass a level.

Train more warriors

You need a lot of shells to be able to train a lot of warriors. Many different types of dinosaurs will appear in your team if you have enough money to train them. In addition, you also have a small group of people in the military. They will attack enemies from a distance by throwing stones at them.

Merge the warrior

The number of warriors is important, but the quality of warriors is also essential in this game. The warrior's strength will be shown by the number of stars on their head. You can merge groups of similar warriors to help them level up. Thus, your army will be much stronger. Do you want to join another fight? Let's visit Squid Challenge Honeycomb.

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